May 24, 2011 - The Season Gets Kicking

The dive season at Olympus Dive Center ( is thoroughly underway with plenty of outstanding days upon the ocean and below it.  This past four days has been a very busy one for me on the "Midnight Express" with five dive charters in four days.  The weather has been very cooperative and the dive conditions favorable.  I will have to admit that my mind, body and soul are still acclimating to the early to rise hour of 0445 for me and the long days on the water.  Don't get me wrong though I love what I do but that doesn't make me any less weary at the end of the day.
The 'Midnight Express'.
Mike the dive mate preparing to set the hook.

Over the weekend we had a variety of divers jumping from the side of the boat to dive the Wrecks of North Carolina including a couple of guys from our very own Coast Guard station at Fort Macon, NC.  Some people may complain about the Coast Guard and all the rules and regulations that they impose upon us but I for one always feel better behind the wheel knowing that they are out there to help me in a time of need.  I hope to see more of the Coast Guard on our dive excursions in the future.  "Semper Paratus"! 
One of the USCG's finest.
In addition a small group of four divers journeyed all the way from the Great White North of Ottawa, Canada to check out the world class diving here in the USA.  They were a great spirited bunch who were the types to never let anything get under there skin including a chronically leaky dry suit.  Thumbs up Adam!  Thanks for giving us a try and see you next year.
The Canadian Gang and Neptune himself.
Don't let me forget a bunch of divemaster candidates from Eastern Carolina University that rounded out the activities with there power of positive diving.  As usual it is a pleasure to have out with us the next generation of young divers with 'attitude' on board the "Midnight Express".  As one of the ECU group was quoted saying immediately after the dive "we are some SCUBA diving bad asses".  Go Pirates!
'Bad Ass Divers'.
Don't leave your fins out on the deck with this bunch.
Some of the wrecks frequented over the last several days were the famous U352 german sub sank in WWII and the USCG Cutter 'Spar'.  Conditions on both locations had to have been easily 50 feet of visibility with the water temperature creeping up to the low seventies top to bottom.  Sand Tiger Sharks were aplenty as usual on the 'Spar' and the U352 did not disappoint the first time divers visiting her either.  I managed to get in the water for a dive on the 'Spar' the other day and squeeze off a few pics of my favorite Sand Tigers.  This being the first time in months in the water with my camera it was a great feeling to finally return to the water with my camera in hand and do what I love the most.  Considering I was a little rusty I was pleasantly pleased with the results.  I hope you are as well.
The U352 in all her glory (stock).
Sand Tiger Shark on the Spar.  (new)

Sand Tiger Shark on the Spar. (new)

Sand Tiger Shark on the Spar. (new)

Sand Tiger Shark on the Spar. (new)

On Sunday we were very fortunate to experience a rare and extremely calm day offshore with barely a ripple in the water.  The photo below is evidence that diving in the Atlantic Ocean can be calm and serene.  Someone asked me "would you be bored if it were like this every day?"  I answered, "never".
Surface interval on "Lake Atlantic".
Sorry for such a short blog but the hour is getting late for me and I have to rise early again for another go at it tomorrow.  I have a group of avid dive junkies visiting us from NYC.  The dive club, Sea Gypsies is here all week and tomorrow we plan on hitting either the Hutton, aka Papoose or the Atlas Tanker to see ever more Sand Tiger Sharks.  Stay tuned for more on the Sea Gypsies as the week continues.  There here till Friday.  

If you have been out diving with me this past four days please excuse me for not mentioning you    in this blog.  I'll make it up to you.

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Happy Diving!


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Adam said...

Hi Mike,

We arrived home safely. It was a pleasure to meet all of you guys from Olympus. I miss diving in North Carolina already. A lots of our diving buddies are jellos and looks like next year there will be more of us. Thanks a lot for great time.


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